I cannot believe you told me about the Nepali plane crash video and then this happened. Maybe related to your heart sitch!

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Have I ever told you I was once on a plane from Athens to NY, when the pilot announced there could be bomb on it and we had to make an emergency landing? 50 minutes went by between the moment of that announcement and when we thought again, "Okay, we're going to live." I was 24 at the time and I remember the thoughts I had during those 50 minutes. I wonder, though wish not to find out, how the thoughts I would have at 43 would differ. Perhaps not by much. You write, "When death is closer to you, a very large percentage of moral philosophy and advice simply stops resonating." But how close is close and what makes death actually feel close? 45 minutes of uncertainty or a conclusive medical prognosis? Both Kubrick and Stevens are saying the same thing, which I think is that man must not come to terms with his mortality by coming to terms with his mortality. I agree with that sentiment, but I don't see it as describing a state of mind, which is easily manipulated by temporal conditions, but a state of being. Death is personal and part of its tragedy is that it cannot be but. But existence can transcend the personal and there we have a choice--sort of.

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Good stuff about the sacrifices inherent in being an eccentric and Bohemian. As someone who took that deal himself, I'm concerned for people who don't seem to understand the ante for the game they're signing up to play.

Also nice to see Popper's name come up!

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I was going to be a bitter and frustrated creative, but decided to be angry at capitalism and empire instead. I now vacillate between relishing the comfort and joy I’ve lucked into (while learning how to decolonize my choices that continue to serve the oppressors) and overarching despair. In her memoir, Viola Davis says something about healing being better for the soul than success, and I feel like she oughta know.

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I can’t believe your irrational fear of flying is now completely rational! Damn.

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I love this Mills but I must say that to me some of the hand wringing gives off “The best lack all conviction, while the worst / Are full of passionate intensity” vibes.

Also: should we doing more to fight death and old age? Seems like probably!

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Fwiw possibly the caffeine but worth a check up if it recurs or you are concerned.

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Great collection of thoughts and discussions.

I feel like I'm going to be thinking about these concepts a lot in the coming days, and fearing flying even worse forever.

re: Kubrick: I can't like him anymore now that I know how much he tortured actors.

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This is epic, love it!



Iceland, definitely Iceland!

I gotta go to Iceland one more time to chill the hell out!

Iceland the way you have never seen or even imagined, all in the DELUXE Special Limited Edition!


Yes, actually, I am the worst kind at saying no, you do not want to know, lol!



Nato shot down the Chinese balloonery, alien ballooney tunes, and now we will have a ballooney war, good luck with that!

Another nuttin´ burger, tank you, sank you very much, nom nom nom!

My silent screams might be a perfect soundrack to the next Plandemic MAGAphoned!

That is why I must be the good guy, right? Do not try this at home, as Beavis and Butthead would advise!

Being the good guy among so many bad guys really freaks me out, gives me the creeps! And then I testify on the inflated Weaponization of BullSkirt in the Dungeon Subcommittee hot spa meeting .... go figure!



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